Cara Kneer

After Graduating from David Letterman's Alma Mater Ball State University in 

Telecommunications/News, I began my TV career. I mention David Letterman 

because that was 80% of the reason I chose Ball State University.

My first TV job was in Salt Lake City at the CBS affiliate KUTV. I was a correspondent for the

Lifestyle Show Fresh Living, fill-in host, and AM/PM news reporter.

My favorite assignment was traveling to Vancouver to profile Broadways' The Lion King. 

It's the only way I'll ever get on a Broadway stage- AND I'LL TAKE IT.

In 2011, I went to Indianapolis to be a freelance reporter at the NBC affiliate WTHR.

While in Indiana, I got a call from NBC News to cover devastating tornadoes in

Henryville, Indiana. The coverage aired all over the world on Al Jazeera, MSNBC, and

The Weather Channel. Shortly after, I began freelancing for NBC News Channel for breaking, national 

news. In 2014, I anchored 5 hours of LIVE Primary Election Night coverage for USA TODAY. 

Currently, you can find me daily on Atlanta & Company as a social correspondent and host. On Sundays, I host a half-hour show called Atlanta Tech Edge​. And, I'm a freelance reporter for CNN and CNN News Source, always on call to cover breaking national news. In late 2016, I covered Fidel Castro's death for CNN. 

I've had the chance to interview lots of interesting people during my career. Survivors, leaders, celebrities, and everything in-between. 

I can't believe this is my job. Every day I'm thankful. 

I spend my free time enjoying family and trying to keep up in Improv class. 


My Short Biography